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How Bulk SMS Works


Payless Bulk SMS is the one of the biggest SMS service provider in Nigeria assisting business owners, governments and religious bodies take advantage of the available GSM in Nigeria to alert, interact, transact and share information.

Bulk SMS is believed to be the most cost-effective marketing method available this days. Bulk SMS is a must-have for building successful business. are you seeking digital marketing solution to maximize business opportunities, secure and retain clients/customers, create campaigns, track Return On Investment, increase sales revenue, and reduce operational and budget costs, Payless Bulk SMS is the right solution for you.
Its works as simply SMS over the internet to mobile phones. You will need to subscribe/register with us  at Registration is free. Once you have registered, you will get instant free SMS units to test our platform: However, to have enough SMS units (credits) to send messages, you’ll need to recharge your account by either paying online or paying to the bank. The current rate of is N0.82 per unit for local numbers and N1.00 per unit to foreign numbers.

Our SMS services gives you the power to send SMS-enabled application, website or system. It’s the simplest and most cost effective way to send Bulk SMS messages. Payless Bulk SMS is totally network independent, our message delivery undergoes sophisticated load balancing, and also our intelligent routing technology seeks out the lowest cost routes. Payless Bulk SMS is very proud of its strong partnership with mobile networks. Each of these carrier helps us to proactively manage the delivery of every single message using the highest quality routes available at the time of sending.

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