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Using Bulk SMS for Internal Communications-Why Effective?

Communications between the management and staffs of an establishment is very essential to the overall growth and development of that establishment.Such Communication is especially important when the staffs are great in number.

Face to face communications during meetings is the conventional means of doing this in most organizations. While this has its merits, here are few reasons why you should consider bulk SMS for internal communications:



When you catch your staff doing something very good, a message of appreciation and commendation will go a long way in ensuring that staff does better. When you use short yet rich text messages in this way, it makes your employees more productive.



If you want to know whether or not your employees are working in line with the organization’s goals and objectives, bulk SMS will be a good avenue to do this. You can equally use this to do a follow-up on staffs that have been giving a mission to carry out to remind them of these and equally get feedbacks from them.



As a part of your bulk SMS campaign in your organization, you might ask for opinions from time to them about areas of improvement for the firm and to get better. In just a click, your staffs can communicate back to you areas of the company product, services and policies that deserve improvement, and when meetings are arranged with these, you already know where and where issues should be tracked.



To keep your staffs immersed in things relating to the progress of the organization, you might think of giving them assignments and brainstorming for ideas missions from time to time. Bulk SMS will be an efficient means of organizing these.



When you use bulk SMS to involve your staffs key decision making of the firm and intimate them of new and upcoming projects, they feel a part of the company and see how important they are, and these can increase their Loyalty to the firm and build a mutual trust between you.


  • IMPROVE STAFFS WELFARE : You could use bulk SMS to get firsthand information from your employee what you can do to make them comfortable and happy. You can be very quick into assuming what you think they need whereas it might just be something else. They can give a response through SMS and as such you know what they need and how to keep everyone happy, all to the good of your firm.


  • ENSURES EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING : ‘Two heads are better than one’ the saying goes. Now let’s say they are 100 heads. That is the best of heads you can imagine, even if they are all coconut heads. What this means is that if you get all the suggestions you can before making a key decision that affects the company, it can help you make the best decision. After all they are the ones the decisions are made for. Letting them be a part of the making process will only make the decision made effective.


  • IT SAVES TIME : The time it takes to bring together all the staffs in the company in the same place for an announcement is much more than what it takes to compose an SMS and forward this to them. Using bulk SMS for such information can ensure more time is spent in doing other more important activities.


  • IT ENSURES IMPORTANT INFORMATION REACHES EVERYONE AT THE SAME TIME : In some organizations, workers run on a shift basis, such that some persons might be available during evenings whereas they are not in the morning. At other times for one reason or another some staffs might be absent. Passing of important information from mouth to mouth usually makes the information either diluted or concentrated. With bulk SMS though all you need to get across can be pushed through easily and comprehensively to everybody at the same time ensuring none of the main point is lost.


  • TO GET MORE CUSTOMERS THROUGH STAFFS REFERRALS : Once in a while it might be important to remind your staffs of the need to tell families and friends about your products and services. Chances are they might just be in the right place at the right time when such messages get to them. This might go a long way in increasing your customer base through your employee.


A beautiful thing about bulk SMS service is that it is relatively cheap and affordable and looking at the various reasons why it can be an effective internal communications tool described above, it is something you should seriously consider adding to your organizations’ curriculum if it’s not a part of it at present.

There are also various ways to use bulk SMS in internal communications effectively.

At Payless Bulk SMS, we offer an effective bulk SMS gateway that is affordable and offers premium and quality service that you can use for communications within your firm.

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