Monday, December 05, 2022

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Government Agencies and Bulk SMS- Using SMS to Announce Service Outage

Government agencies are put in place in their respective positions to offer quality services to the people, services that hang around the role of the particular government agency. Many of these agencies offer services that directly affect the masses and in unexpected cases of failure to live up to such demands, the people suffer.

Some of these agencies that have such impact on people directly are; agencies in the communications and media sector like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) among others, the energy sector like the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, the intelligence agency such as the State Security Service, security agencies like the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps among others. These agencies roles are paramount to people’s general well being and safety.

There might be times though when due to some unforeseen occurrences, there is a likelihood of failure on the part of one of these agencies to effectively dispense its duties. The people who depends on these agencies deserves to know and bulk SMS can effectively solve that need.

Lets say for example there is going to be power outage for an extended period of time, the people would love to know. Especially is this important in areas where there is regular power supply. Because people already believes that the power is constant, they make plans towards it. It can be therefore disappointing if the outage then lasted for so long, with no solid explanation. Bulk SMS can help in reaching all the homes at the same time, explaining the situation of things, and how long its estimated to last.

For some areas where electricity is rotated among communities, bulk SMS can equally be used to inform each community when they're scheduled to enjoy theirs.

Also, in situations where these agencies, in the course of fighting for rights or entitlements with the federal government decides to go on strike, bulk SMS can be used to intimate the public about this. Other communication media can be used, but none offers the outreach that SMS does.

The same thing also applies to other agencies that borders on matters which are of concern to the masses. The people pay directly or indirectly for these services, therefore, if you are not going to render it to them, they need an explanation.

Bulk SMS offers opportunity for a two way communication and that helps build trust. What irks people most times is not the service unavailability but the lack of explanation for this.

People in political positions within a place can also use the bulk SMS service for this purposes if the agency in charge laps in this area. This will win you the people's love and stand you in good stead for further responsibilities in the future.

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