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Bulk SMS is the smart choice

By Payless Bulk SMS Marketing Department

Over the past 20 years SMS has become an integral communication channel for many industries including the education sector. This is primarily because Bulk SMS enables effective and reliable communication between staff, students and parents. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which Bulk SMS can be used by an educational institute.

Bulk SMS for parent, teacher communication

Reminders and notifications

Bulk SMS messages can be sent to all parents informing them of sports days, meetings and other important notifications such as upcoming school camps. Bulk SMS messages can also be sent to the parents reminding them about upcoming fee payments.

Two-way communication

SMS can be used to facilitate two-way communication between parents and students in cases where confidentiality is essential. For example, parents can be informed by teachers about their child’s behaviour or lack of class attendance. The use of SMS in this case ensures that parents remain informed and are able to communicate with the teacher about any issues concerning their child.

Emergency notifications

In the event of a school emergency, a cancelled sports day or even a snow day, group SMS messages can be sent to all the parents informing them of the emergency and ensuring that the necessary actions be taken.

Bulk SMS for student, teacher communication


Group SMS messages can be sent to predefined classes reminding them of important test dates, changes in class schedules or even to remind them what to bring to a school camp or field trip.

Sports day coordination

In the event of a sports day, SMS messages can be sent to all the students informing them of their schedules for the day; the uniform required and any other necessary reminders.

Exam and test results

SMS messages can be sent to students informing them when their exam or test results have been released, as well as where to check these results.

SMS for internal communication

Staff coordination

SMS messages can be sent to all staff members keeping them informed and up to date on meetings, class schedules, and any other issues. Group SMS messages can also be sent quickly and reliably to staff in the case of an emergency, ensuring that everyone is informed and equipped to deal with the situation at hand.

The communcation needs within the education industry are diverse. From internal communication, to external communication with students and parents, the platform used to factilitate these interactions needs to be accessible, reliable and familiar to all parties involved, which is why SMS is the perfect tool.

Payless Bulk SMS offers SMS messaging at a discounted rate for schools and non profit organisations in Nigeria and the Africa. 

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