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Payless Marketers introduces easy Bulk SMS for Event management

Payless Bulk SMS Marketing company has introduced a unique and easy Bulk SMS for event management.

This was disclosed in press release its Marketing Department, stating that the platform is primarily to improve event awareness and facilitate event attendance.

Emphasising on the roles of event management, Payless Bulk SMS said, "events management is not a simple task any longer.

"Events require effective communication every step of the way to ensure that right people easily get the right message at the right time using Bulk SMS.

The statement explained further how Bulk SMS can be used to improve and facilitate event attendance, the company emphasising on event confirmation.

"Instead of making numerous calls or sending copious emails to potential attendees, a Bulk SMS can be sent reminding them to confirm their attendance.

"Event reminders — Sending out a Bulk SMS 24 hours before the event is a sure way to reduce the number of no-shows.

"Event Announcements — Once the attendance is confirmed, Bulk SMS messages can be sent to all attendees giving them useful information about the event. For example, one SMS could detail the agenda, another directions to the event location.

It further a Mobi-gram message which is easily clickable from your SMS, can be created.

This according to the company does not leave the Post event notifications where Bulk SMS messages can be sent to all the event attendees after the event; thanking them for attending and requesting any feedback.
Invitations for follow up events is another.

Once you have built up a contact list of attendees, personalised Bulk SMS messages can be sent to your database inviting them to your next event. Event organisers can again add a visual element to the Bulk SMS invitations.

Others are Bulk SMS keeps staff informed, provides Timetables and scheduling, and provides Reminders and notifications.
It also aides a Two-way communication, where Bulk SMS messaging will communicate between a sender and d receiver which also provides a platform for feedback.

Payless, however, said the effective communication is essential to ensuring that each part of the event runs smoothly.

"The use of Bulk SMS can help reduce no-shows, coordinate staff and keep all attendees informed of any changes or special offers. Bulk SMS is reliable, cost-effective and, it is the perfect tool to help improve the communication efforts at events.

"Test Your Network with,"

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