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Quantity: 1 unit - 49,999 units = ₦1.0k

Quantity: 50,000 units - 99,999 units = ₦0.97k

Quantity: 100,000 units - 199,999 = ₦0.95k



Quantity: 200,000 units -  499,999 = ₦0.90k

Quantity: 500,000 units -  above = ₦0.87k


Please note that the price above is not fixed; the determinant is highly influenced by the exchange rate machanism. Also note that Network operators are charged differently, at 2.90 units per page of SMS to MTN, 2.95 units per page of SMS to Airtel, 2.85 units  per page of SMS to Glo and 9Mobile. We offer quality SMS at very competitive prices with instant delivery. To purchase SMS unit, pay the amount of your desired SMS units to the bank details below and call/text us on 234-8024990473 with your payment details and your Payless Bulk SMS username for your account to be credited immediately.

Our Account Details:


Account Bank: FCMB

Account Number: 5342146011

Account Name: G-Link Information & Communication

Our accounts' type is corporate. Call 234-8024990473 for support if your account is not credited after 30 minutes.

If you make online payment, your SMS account will be funded automatically once the payment is successful

You can also make mobile, internet banking or ATM transfer to our bank account.


We have the best prices for bulk SMS in Nigeria. Our prices decrease with increase in quantity purchased. Please note that our SMS credits do not expire. The credits have lifetime validity!

Try us today by registering on our Cheapest Bulk SMS Nigeria website and you will be glad you did.



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